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Thelockman online magazine for locksmiths is a controlled subscription publication presenting a full range of technical articles on products and servicing techniques. Unlike paper based magazines, the content of Thelockman will be undergoing continual change. With a minimum of  8 articles at any given time, as a new one is added an older one is retired to the archives. All past articles will be archived online to provide the first locksmith interactive library.

This publication has something to offer you as well. As an advertiser with Thelockman you will have visibility with a qualified customer base unavailable elsewhere. With paper based publications you have no idea if your ad is being read or not, but with Thelockman you will know exactly how many customers are interested in your product because each one of them will have a hyperlink directly to your own web site.

What’s the catch? Same as always, the ads aren’t free, but unlike your other advertising you will be pleasantly surprised at the very low cost of our ad placement. We accept banner advertising up to either of two sizes but not larger. Banner 1 below is 150 pixels tall by 400 pixels wide. Banner 2 below is 300 pixels tall and 400 pixels wide.

How does it work? First, you need two things, a banner, and a web page for it to link to. What does it cost? 

The Banner 1 size has an insertion fee of $1.00 per day and will be in place for one calendar month..

The Banner 2 size has an insertion fee of $2.00 per day and will be in place for one calendar month.

NOTE: Animated banners may be supplied for an upcharge of $25.00 per calendar month.  JAVA format advertising is not offered at this time.

Payment may be made to via PayPal.

Your will need a hit tracker for your web site to determine the effectiveness of your advertisement.  A good hit tracker will tell you when a visitor to your site has come from and you can use that data to evaluate your advertisement investment.

You may consider an article submission on your product as free advertising since you will be provided a link from the article to your site free of charge.


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