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The LIST Council has been asked by ALOA and others to complete what would amount to a Dictionary for Locksmiths. We have begun that work and are pleased to submit this installment of the remaining terms that have been identified as specific to our industry.  Terms in this listing marked with an asterisk indicate current terms from the Locksmith Dictionary that have a revised definition proposed.
When making a definition of a term, we applied the following rules to the term:
1. Is the term listed in "Webster"?
2. Is the definition there the same meaning used in our industry?
To us, "Webster", means a typical pocket dictionary, which could be obtained easily, and on short notice, from any grocery store which has a pocket book display. If the answer to either of the questions above was no, we felt the term must be in our dictionary, otherwise it was common usage which anyone could define.
Because there is generally more than one term in use from one geographic area to another, we established the most popular term that most closely describes what it means as the "primary" term to be defined, unless it has different opposing definitions.  All other terms with the same meaning become secondary terms and are only listed in the appendix. With that established, the definitions have to meet the following rules:
1. It must describe the subject of the term without graphics.
2. It must describe ONLY the subject of the term.
3. The term should not be used in the definition.
If you have a technical objection to any definition, please bring it to the attention of the publisher of this listing, or a member of the LIST Council for review before November 15, 2010.
abb. bolt control handle
bolt control handle
n. a lever or wheel shaped device on a safe or vault door that is used to extend or retract the boltworks
abb. change key
compressor wheel
see 'pressure bar wheel'
abb. control key
drive pin
n. a protrusion on or through a drive cam or tumbler which drives or turns the next tumbler in a combination safe lock
n. 1. an early trade name used by Yale for: mortise locks with two pin tumbler cylinders on the same side of the lock, lever tumbler mortise locks with two keyways on the same side of the lock, to accomplish a master keying effect, 2. an early trade name used by Sargent for a master ring cylinder 3. a key machine which has two sets of carriages and cutters in effect creating two separate machines in one
n.  one of the components of a timelock which comprises the escape wheel, escapement lever, corresponding pivot (hole) jewels, bridge(s) and platform (base)
E label
n. burglar resistive chest with door thickness at least 1 1/2" steel and wall thickness at least 1" steel
ER label
n. burglar resistive safe or chest bearing the following label. "Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Inspected tool resisting Safe TL-15 Burglary"
F rated Burglary Chest. 
n. a burglary resistive safe or chest bearing a TL-30 torch or tool resistance or a inspected explosive resisting safe with relocking device X-60 burglary rating
fluted key
n. a key for a lever lock with a section that is wider in the middle than on the edges
gate cover
n. a component to prevent the fence from entering the combination wheel gate while changing a combination on a zero change lock
inner spindle assembly
n. a component in some manipulation-resistant safe locks that connects the knob with the drive cam to open the gate in the drive cam
lever spring
n. applies directional force to the lever
locating boss
n. an integral part of the case used to align a safe lock in mounting (used on locks with a spindle tube)
*NFPA 80
n. National Fire Protection Association standard for fire doors and other opening protectives
outside drive
n. a safe lock that is gear driven by a spindle located outside of the lock case opposite the lock bolt or on either side of the lock case
Passive Anti-Theft System
n. an RFID security system used by Ford which enables the vehicle's ignition system when a properly recognized transponder key is validated
pressure bar handle
n. a hand operated lever which is used to apply force to close and seal a fire and/or explosion resistant safe or vault door so the bolts may be thrown
pressure bar wheel
n. a hand operated wheel which is used to apply force to close and seal a fire and/or explosion resistant safe or vault door so the bolts may be thrown
n. a projection from a key that can be any key stop other than a tip stop, see also "bow stop". Some shoulders on keys serve no functional purpose.
shoulder stop
n. one that serves as a stop to position the key in a lock or cylinder
side milled key
n. any non-automotive key with bitting(s) milled into, but not through, one of the widest sides of the key blade
sidewinder key
n. an automotive key whose bitting surface(s) are serpentine grooves, generally cut into the wider surface of the key blade
*spy proof dial
n. a combination lock component complemented by a spy proof dial ring to limit the viewable numbers' being dialed
spy proof dial ring
n. a combination lock component that limits the viewable numbers on a compatible dial
subordinate control key
n. one of the lower level control keys available when master keying the control function of an interchangeable core or removable core
n. the raised round part of a mortise lock escutcheon that the knob seats upon
top control key
n. the highest level control key when master keying the control function of an interchangeable core or removable core
tube nut
n. a hexagonal nut used to attach the dial ring to the tube on a safe lock
VATS key
n. a key for some General Motors vehicles which contains a resistor chip that must be qualified by the vehicle in order to run
For                              See
chip key                       transponder key, PATS key, VATS key
code                            combinate
dial pin                         drive pin 
dial shield                     spy proof dial ring 
N-R key                       non-removable key
table nut                       tube nut  
tumbler wheel               combination wheel
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