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Thelockman™ Online Magazine is a restricted access technical publication for the lock industry. Access is available to participants in the lock and security industry if you can provide proof of your involvement in the industry as a member of the ALOA or the Clearstar Security Network or be recommended by a current subscriber.  There is NO subscription fee to gain access.  Any patronage of our advertisers is greatly appreciated as they pay for the cost of running this site.

Proof must be ONE of the following numbered items.

1. Your membership number from the Clearstar Security Network.*

2. Your membership number from the ALOA.*

3. A recommendation from a current subscriber. 

4. A license number that can be verified online.

DON'T WORRY, you won't miss anything because every article is archived.

*Membership must be able to be verified online at the linked sites above.

TWO steps below required to subscribe.

1. You must supply the qualifying information for items 1, 2 or 3 via email.  Do it now.

2.  You must also fill in the subscription form online HERE.

Upon acceptance of your subscription you will be notified via email, processing may take up to one week.  If you don't complete both steps above within one week your application will be discarded and you will have to submit all your information again to gain a subscription.


1. Because access is free you should NEVER allow someone to use your username and password to gain access.  If Thelockman™ determines that you have allowed someone to use your data to gain access, you will be permanently denied further access.

Thelockman LLC. reserves the right to refuse access to the restricted areas to anyone without cause.

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